Monday, 24 November 2008

Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) mantra

Om ah hum
benza guru
pema siddhi hum

This is the mantra I chanted this morning for 20 minutes. It is a lovely mantra and left me feeling very peaceful and calm.

It does no good to put too fine a point on translations of mantras. The words merely evoke shades of meaning and signify multiple things. But here's a go:

Om ah hum

Om is the sound of the universe, represents the All, the infinite, the perfect, the eternal.

Ah opens us up to receive the All. It is the expression of wonder and direct awareness.

Hum is the movement of the Om into the heart. It is expansiveness, infinity, essence and oneness moving through the prana (breath, the 'h' sound) into the heart, the awareness.

Benza guru

Benza is the Tibetan pronunciation of 'vajra', or thunderbolt. The thunderbolt represents the moment of enlightenment, diamond-like understanding.

Guru has a meaning of 'light from darkness.'

Pema Siddhi Hum

Pema is the Tibetan pronunciation of 'padme', which is the lotus. The lotus produces a beautiful flower out of the mud. It represents all sorts of duality, the base and the exalted coexisting, and blossoming one from the other.

Siddhi means accomplishment, attainment, perfection

Hum once again is the understanding or containment of the All in the heart.

The mantra is a both a prayer for this attainment and a celebration of the fact that we have all already attained it. It is an invocation, a welcome to the present moment where such a union can be acknowledged.


Derek said...

What a wonderful picture that is! I'm glad you have got back into 'sitting' this week. I'm convinced chanting that mantra does something good for you. :) x

KCES said...


I am Kanchi, Lecturer in Philosophy in India. Your blog and the way you presented everything there (including your simple and serene looking photograph) attracted me so much that I am compelled to post my comments here. Your explanation of mantra of guru rinpoche is very good.

My best wishes, keep it up.

KCES said...


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