Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Lean Mode Color Code: Not Your Usual Food Diary

Okay, I know I just bought Richard Simmons' Food Mover on eBay not long ago. But it didn't work out for me! I might use it someday in the future. I just kept forgetting about it and because it's divided into food groups, I found it a bother to figure out how to track my true calorie intake when I wasn't so disciplined. I mean, you can't close a veggie window when you've eaten a chocolate truffle, and there weren't enough fat windows for an indulgence like that. And of course no sugar windows. So I would end up closing all the windows and saying, well, I've eaten more calories than I'm supposed to. Wonder how many.

So anyway, I saw this Lean Mode Color Code: Not Your Usual Food Diary online and went ahead and ordered it. I know some people use online or computer-based programs for food-tracking, but I'm old-fashioned I guess because I do actually enjoy writing with pen and paper and I LOVE coloring and decorating with highlighters, colored pencils, and markers. I've used it for the last 3 days and enjoyed it! I think I might stick with this for a while--hopefully until June, which is how long the book lasts. I'm just writing down everything I eat to see how many calories and so forth I actually consumed. I am going to do that for awhile before I try to do any modifications for weight loss purposes. Then I can a good baseline and also have a look at my eating patterns. I've been using the recipe calculator at Spark People to analyze my little recipes for a nutritional breakdown. So far I like doing this!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps for this review :) It's one of the few things about it on the internet actually! Because of the review I've ended up getting one and foudn it awesome so far :)