Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Sacred Journey Journal

I've been preparing my 2009 journal. This is one of my favourite things to do during the month of December, setting up my next year's journal. I've been using this particular journal since 2003, and I love it! It's designed for people who use Tarot cards, but I adapt the multitude of pages inside to use how I want.

Here's the website: The Sacred Journey

This year I've got a page called 'My Heart Calling' (not finished yet), 'My Credo' (still working on that), a two-page spread called 'Monthly Fitness for 2009' where I've created a simple chart to record monthly weigh-in averages and any pertinent training notes. (The past 2 years I've kept several more complicated charts that tracked measurements, how many press-ups I can do in one minute, all sorts of things, but this year I'm simplifying them to the one chart). There are 6 more pages for setting up goals, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with those pages. I am beginning to feel ambivalent toward detailed goal-making at the beginning of the year. More on that later in a later entry.

For each month, I've prepared a page to record my daily weigh-in, name of the workout I'm doing, and a place to tick it after I've done it. I've decided not to preset my rotations this year. I'm going to wing it. I think I know enough about how to balance my workouts to do that now. On the month-at-glance calendar page, in addition to appointments, etc, I've decided to track certain things using highlighters, like in the Streaming Colors Journal. (I tried to keep a separate Streaming Colors Journal in 2008, but abandoned it in May. I prefer my Sacred Journey journal, and can easily incorporate the idea of using highlighters there.) I've set aside one page per month called 'Meditation, Flower Remedies, etc' where I can record notes about those things (this page was originally called 'Affirmations and Gratitudes' but I found trying to fill them in over the last 5 years to be laborious and unrewarding, so I changed them), and one page is divided into two halves, which I've labeled 'Must do this month' (for things like getting the car MOT'd, dentist appointments, whatever), and 'New Things to Try' where I will list ideas of new things to try that month. I'll tick them when (if) I do them. (These came headed 'Opportunities' and 'Goals', but I've found those headings too pressurizing, so I changed them.)

There's also a 'Symbolism' page for each month, which for the last 2 years I've used to make a collage of clippings, ticket stubs, etc, to represent what we did that month. I will continue that this year. Then there are the week-at-a-glance pages, with the days on the right page and the left page called 'Blessings, Gifts and Strengths'. I am going to make an effort to write something for each day. As in previous years, at the end of each month I have a page called 'Highlights and Insights' and a page divided down the middle where I can record the books I've read and films I've seen this month. It's fun to keep a running total of both for the year!

I absolutely love my journal. Does anyone else keep one?

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Mama Tara said...

I got the Sacred Journey calendar and I love it! I've used the We'Moon calendar for at least 6 years and found this in my local bookstore and decided to give it a try. I'm loving it the way it is but your ideas are fabulous. Tonight I'm filling out My Personal Credo. Such important stuff to think about. Thanks for posting.