Sunday, 28 December 2008

Welcome back the light with Winter Sadhana and Detox

'Sadhana' is a daily spiritual practice. The word comes from Sanskrit and means 'a means of accomplishing something.'

I've decided to start a winter sadhana 7 days after the winter solstice--that's today! Traditionally, the sadhana should be practiced between the hours of 4-7 AM, known as the 'ambrosial hours', but I am going to do my practice as and when I can. I might try to do some early meditation, but I am not putting any pressure on myself to do that. Just doing the sadhana is discipline enough, in itself. My commitment is to 45 minutes a day of yoga and/or meditation. I will be following a CD for the meditations. The yoga/meditation aspect of my sadhana will last 8 weeks.

My detox is a mung bean and rice detox based on the solstice mung bean and rice diet handed down by Yogi Bhajan. Traditionally, this is a 40-day diet, but I will follow it with variations for 14 days. If I decide to go through another cycle, I will. The recipes are taken from 'The Kundalini Yoga Cookbook' by Ek Ong Kar Singh.

So, what it is I hope to accomplish using these means? I hope to embed a more solidly established meditation practice in the day-to-day of my life, and I want to clean out my system of all the rubbish I've eaten lately (and for the last year, to be honest!) and kick start myself on the road to losing some weight. I would like to lose 7-14 pounds over the course of 2009.

Today's food
Breakfast--a bowl of cooked amaranth with no-sugar strawberry jam and a cup of plain Caro
Snack--2 red plums, 1 slice of tomato basil Ryvita, 1 slice Cheatin' Meats turkey and some iceberg lettuce
Lunch--veggie chili and a wholemeal pita
Snack--fresh strawberries
Dinner--stir-fried asparagus, carrot and red pepper with mung beans and brown rice
Snack--Staffordshire oatcake with strawberry jam

Today's meditation
10 minutes vipassana (silent sitting)
45 minute 'body scan' guided meditation--Today was the first day I tried this. To my shame, I slept through nearly the entire thing. So now I know not to try this lying on the bed by candlelight. Looks like this is a job for the yoga mat and overhead lighting!

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