Thursday, 1 January 2009

Wow, a new year!

New Year is always a weird time. It feels like it should be a fresh beginning, yet everything is still the same.

Here's the sad thing, I fell asleep during the fireworks show on TV last night. Hubby and I were watching the New Year display at the London Eye, airing as usual on BBC1, and about half-way through the show, I fell asleep. Ridiculous.

Anyway, it's been so cold all day we haven't set a toenail outside the flat.

Today's food
Breakfast: 2 cups plain Caro, peanut butter and jam toast
Snack: small banana
Lunch: miso soup, brown rice and yam cake noodle chirashi zushi with yuzu and pickled ginger
Snack: half a punnet of blueberries and a quarter cup of leftover vegetables
Bad nibble: 2 bourbon cream biscuits and a small chocolate chip cookie
Dinner: vegetarian pepper steak, spinach and potatoes

Today's meditation
15 minutes sitting meditation

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Derek said...

Hope all goes well for you this year luv! x