Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Driving and eating

Yesterday my driving instructor told me that the driving test is changing. They are going to separate it into three parts: theory, a practical test in just manoeuvres, which may or may not be conducted on purpose-built 'courses' at various testing centres across the UK, and a 'free-style' driving test during which the examiner gives you a series of instructions (such as 'Progress east to the first roundabout, turn left, carry on then take the second right and park up in front of a shop.' Or something like that). So she encouraged me strongly to book my theory test and get it out of the way so that we can do my practical as soon as possible. Great. I am definitely going to get my licence before this new nonsense kicks in!

On a better note, it was a good lesson. I backed around a corner and did a turn in the road. She told me to practice round and round the test centre because that's the area where people tend to commit the errors that cause them to fail.

Last night I made two more recipes from Veganomicon, Lemony Roast Potatoes and Sauted Seitan with Spinach and Mushrooms. These recipes were not as spectactular as the last few I've made. They need tweaking in seasoning and processes. Next time I make the Lemony Roast Potatoes, I'm going to roast them in my usual way in an open roasting tin, rather than in a covered casserole as Isa instructs, and add the seasoning after the potatoes are pretty much cooked. And for the seitan recipe, I need to really cook the seitan to get some brown on it for deglazing, and cook it longer to make it tender, and I'm also going to add Marmite to increase the 'umami' qualities of it.

Anyway, can't expect every recipe to be a complete ass-kicker. I admit, I used a lot less olive oil than Isa says--1/3 a cup? Come on! I don't want to weigh 300 lbs by Easter, do I? And to my great disappointment, I found out the last minute that I don't have any oregano, so had to substitute basil, which is tasty but didn't give the potatoes the intended Greek-ish taste. I also didn't have any white wine for the seitan recipe, so that might have had some impact on it.

The weather this moring is absolutely awful. Looks like a monsoon out there, and I have to walk to work in it. I've got my rainproof trousers and beloved Paramo hillwalking jacket, though. Ugh.
My day off was yesterday, now it's 5 days straight, Sunday off, then 9-7 on Monday. Still, I'm grateful I'm still in employment at this point.

I didn't sleep too well last night. For the first time in my life, my tinnitus actually woke me up--three times. The only thing I can think of that I did yesterday was listen to my hypnosis CD with little speakers on each side of my pillow to get the 'headphone' effect. (I can't use headphones, they give me an instant headache). And then I listened to my favourite Deva Premal CD (Dakshina) while doing some housework, and I did have it turned up loud enough that I could hear it while moving about the house. It was playing on the computer speakers. My tinnitus is always loud, and I mean really loud. But some things do aggravate it more. Gotta be careful.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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