Sunday, 8 March 2009

Pass Your Driving Test

I bought this CD the other day and listened to it on Wednesday night before my lesson on Thursday. My driving instructor and I were both a bit astonished by my change in attitude on my lesson on Thursday. Even though I made mistakes on my manoeuvres and committed several what they call 'minor faults', I felt much better about the whole experience. At the end of the lesson, my instructor said I it was our best lesson ever. She remarked on the fact that I actually smiled.

Last Sunday, before I got the CD, I had a rather disastrous practice session with poor hubby, that ended up with me too stressed out to drive the car home. We were only two streets away from our home, but I was so wound up, I couldn't stomach the thought of even being in the car at all, so I walked home and he drove the car home. (Fortunately for me, he is the personification of patience and saintly good will, so did not angrily announce upon my return that he would never take me out to practice again, as anyone else likely would have done). Let's just say my pain-body made an appearance. It was a bad day.

I got the CD on Wednesday and listened to it that night. It was very relaxing. The next day at work, I felt a sort of nervous energy all day. It was a strange sensation in the chest. As the time for my lesson approached, I realised I wasn't feeling anxiety as such--it was actually excitement! Excitement only mildly tinged with the usual nervousness. Not dread at all. A positive energy! It was a weird new feeling about driving lessons, I can tell you.

The CD has two 30-minute tracks, one for the Practical Test and one for General Driving Anxiety. I have been listening to the anxiety one. I've listened to it 3 times now. I intend to listen to it every other day from now on, and the test one every night on the run-up to my test, in addition to the anxiety one. Basically, the CD spends about 20 minutes getting you into deep relaxation with your eyes closed, then about 5 or 6 minutes of suggestions, then you listen to some music with your eyes open and that's it.

Today I went out with Derek again for a practice session, which didn't go perfectly because we kept getting lost, I didn't flip out or even lose my temper. I did my manoeuvres and while they weren't perfect at least I did them, and I drove all the way home. It was worlds different from last week's attempt. For me, just getting in the car to practise at all is something of a major breakthrough. I feel very proud and that at last I may be making genuine progress. Last night I took 3 theory tests using a practice CD and I passed them all! That's the first time I've passed a practice theory test and I did 3 in a row!

In fact, I am so pleased with the results from this CD already that I am considering getting more by this Glenn Harold fellow. He has one called 'Exercise & Fitness Motivation' and one called 'Lose Weight Now', one called 'Letting Go, Moving On'--I could use all of those!

For now, though, I'm going to continue with this driving one. It certainly seems to be helping.

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Tara said...

How wonderful that the CD helped! I hope you have more good driving days and that you pass you test!