Thursday, 7 May 2009

Great workout

Yesterday I did Cardio Party Mix 2 and Booty Sculpt plus Abs. I just thought I'd take the opportunity to give a shout out for Booty Sculpt. It's a great little workout, and only 30 minutes long. It's a wonderful add-on to a cardio day, or a sculpting day if your other work had an upper body focus, or if you just want a little more emphasis on working the lower body.

This workout consists mostly of squats and plies, then there is a killer segment using the band tied in a loop around your ankles during which you do standing side leglifts until you feel like your outer thigh is going to ignite! Wow! Then comes a fabulous ab routine with some interesting new moves that really gets your abs burning.

I enjoyed it very much, and as you can see if you follow the link to amazon, it's really cheap. Great addition to your Turbo Jam collection.

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