Sunday, 31 May 2009

Oh my god I'm so fat

Two and a half weeks in the USA making poor food choices and not able to get in enough exercise (even though we tried, doing an hour of Gilad from FitTV most days) has left me fatter than ever. I am afraid to get on the scale, but for the first time in years my trousers are actually tighter around my waist and butt. If I am above 139, I am going to cry.

I am so demoralised.

My clothes being too tight is making me want to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat, to just say screw it and go ahead and get fat again.

I'm going to try so hard not to do that. So instead of eating, I'm going to make a plan. It's a tough rotation, and the last two weeks call for double workouts on the same day. But I got me into this mess and only I can get me out. And we all know it's EASY to gain it, and HAAAAARD to lose it. I can see Debbie Allen now, banging that big stick on the dance studio floor. 'Here's where you start payin'. In sweat.' Now where did I put those leg warmers?

June Rotation--Advanced Turbo Jam 'Rip You Up', modified

1--Cardio Party 3
2--3T + Firm Super Body Sculpt (Upper Body and Ab segments)
3--Punch, Kick & Jam
4--Fat Blaster + Ab Jam
5--Tom Holland Total Body Workout
6--Cardio Party 2
7--Ravi & Ana Fat Free Yoga: Lose Weight & Feel Great

8--Total Body Blast + Ab Jam
9--Jari Love Get Ripped to the Core
10--Punch, Kick & Jam 1/2 with gloves + Cathe Abs from Body Fusion
11--Fat Blaster + 3T
12--Lower Body Jam
13--Cardio Party 2 + Ab Jam
14--Maya Fiennes Kundalini Yoga: Willpower

15--Cathe Rhythmic Step + Fat Blaster (big day!!!)
16--Booty Sculpt + Kickin Core OR Punch, Kick & Jam with gloves
17--Turbo Sculpt + Ab Jam
18--Jari Love Get Ripped 1000
19--Fat Blaster
20--Lower Body Jam + Cardio Party 3 OR Total Body Blast
21--Ravi & Ana Kundalini Yoga: Bliss Hips

22--Cardio Party + Turbo Sculpt
23--R&A Fat Free Yoga: Lose Weight & Feel Great
24--Punch Kick & Jam + Booty Sculpt OR Cathe's Kick Max + Leg Drills
25--Fat Blaster + 3T
26--Cardio Party 2
27--Cathe's Low Impact Circuit Cardio Timesaver mix
28--Amy Bento Slo-Mo Strength Challenge



Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

Two things: I OWN leg warmers and love them :) and you are not fat. Repeat after me: I am not fat. Self-talk, babe. It's all about the self-talk. Well, and what we put in our mouth, but you know what I mean.

FAPORT International said...

hey don't worry and watch weight loser regularly, do some daily exercise,i think it will be fine...

Morandia said...

sounds like a plan. Just remember, the American visit isn't a normal thing, so it's not like you will continue eating that way. Hang in there.

Jessica Maybury said...

I sometimes wonder what it would be like if our society placed its value on something other than weight. Eyelash length, for example. Or Toe size. Or something random. Break free of the system! You can do it!

I own legwarmers and love them :)

katewexler said...

I found your blog accidentally looking for a tempeh sausage recipe but I just wanted to let you know that I really liked reading the rest of it! :)

I also lost sixty-plus pounds through my own excersise program. I'm on the road to being a real live practicing Buddhist (although I prefer Tibetan Buddhism) and I'm a vegetarian (I dabble in and very much enjoy vegan cooking as well).

For me, weight flux is a totally normal thing. And as dedicated as you sound, it will pass!

I look forward to reading future entries in your blog!


Tess said...

Awww Carla. You do so well with the exercise though, I wish I were so dedicated!

Have been reading 'You are what you eat' and it's actually a really good book. Have found out what I'm deficient in and that I have low blood sugar levels.

Anna Down Under said...

Darlin' if you're fat, what does that make me? Seriously -- stop that kind of talk. It won't help. Don't even let yourself go there, I know you know what negative self-talk like that can do.

You're someone who's accomplished something amazing - losing weight is SO HARD, and keeping it off for 3 years is even harder -- but you did it! I'm proud of you and find you inspirational. Focus on that and make better choices now that you're home again, and you'll have nothing to worry about.