Sunday, 10 May 2009

Turbo Jam rules

I tried out a couple more of my new Turbo Jams. Yesterday I did Lower Body Jam. It was really tough! Once again she uses the short green band tied in a circle and fitted around the ankles to do side leg lifts and other moves for the outer thigh. There was also a tough series of plie squats, which, if you do using the 'turbo tilt' (basically just a pelvic tilt that focuses on pulling in the abs, tucking the tailbone under and consciously lifting upward using the inner thigh), they are super effective and you can really feel them. During the workout I was wondering about little 5'2" Chalene using the same exact band as the big guys in the back. Then during the special features reel, they show a blooper where one of the big guys in the back (Bret, former college football player and Chalene's husband!) actually snapped his band in two. No, it didn't come untied, he snapped it. So that answered that question! Trust me, the green band was tough enough to do me. When I got up this morning, my legs were a bit sore.

A couple of hours after doing Lower Body Jam, I still felt like working out, so I went and
got Turbo Jam Fat Blaster to try. I was a little afraid of that one because the back says it's 'all turbos.' Those turbos drive my heart rate right up to around 89%, so the thought of doing a workout made up entirely of turbos was a bit daunting. However, Chalene has designed the workout with a warm-up, then you do 4 turbos two times each. The first time is more low impact, so you can learn the moves, then you do it high impact (or you can keep it low). A second to rest, then on to the next. Then a quick cool down and tai chi style breathing and it's all over and done with in 30 minutes. It was so much fun, I was actually stoked to get to the next turbo! I don't know what kind of spell this woman casts during her workouts, but they are just fun, that's it. Fun!

Today I did Cathe's Kick, Punch & Crunch. I burned 480 calories and it was a good sweat, but it wasn't fun like Chalene. I found myself converting some of Cathe's moves into Turbo moves! :)

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Anna Down Under said...

It's so cool you're a turbo fan! I have both of these workouts, but I didn't care for the Fat Blaster one much -- it's been that long since I've done it I can't remember why. LOL

I have to get them from the US though, I have never seen them available in Australia. Do you find them in the UK or order from overseas?