Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Here we go

Okay, the recruitment that I was leading is finally finished and the author night is done (my two big projects lately). As far as I know, things at work will let up and I can attend to more routine tasks and not be in 'urgent' mode all the time. Hopefully no more late nights. Now I can work on getting rid of the fat rolls.

This morning I weighed 138.8 lbs. I would like to get down to 131 pounds, ideally 129 pounds, but I will settle for where I was all of 2008, 134 lbs. (I spent all of 2008 thinking about trying to lose down to 131, but I never did it--see where that got me!) SO...I would like to lose between 5 and 9 pounds and/or see a visible reduction in my belly roll situation, have my clothes fit looser and my thighs less gooshy. I'm not asking for perfection, just a small reduction! :) Basically, I want the clothes that used to be loose to be loose again. And the muffin tops GONE again.

I know exactly why I've gained weight. I eat more chocolate and snacks from the work room in one day than I used to eat in a week or even two weeks when I weighed less. My meals are not as well-balanced or healthy as they used to be. I snack at home on junk nearly every day, whereas in the past it would only be on a special occasion warranting a special trip to the shops to buy the junk once the decision to eat it had been reached. And my workouts, while still quite frequent by the standards of most people, have been inconsistent and not planned with any sort of strategy toward a true training effect.

The logical place to start is what I consider to be the most insidious culprit: snacking at work. When I was doing Weight Watchers, I actually ate NOTHING at work during breaks. I drank pint glasses of tap water. I ate only the lunch I had brought. Then as my fitness and diet improved, I had soaked muesli and fruit and things for snack. Then I started adding in the odd chocolate, and now I eat all day every day like a mad woman. This evolution (or de-volution!) has taken place over 5 years, and in that time I have lost a lot of weight and gained some of it back (about 6 or 7 pounds of the 60-odd I lost), and I have to say, nearly every single day of the week, the table in the workroom has been LADEN with rubbishy food that not one single member of staff should be eating. But we all do. I really must try to get that discipline back. My success used to be worth more to me than a chocolate.

What can I do to keep me off the snack table? I can't just avoid the break room. That is the only place you can to relax and escape work during break. I will figure something out.

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I'll buy self-sabotoging but gooshy is art.