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World Peace Diet Ch. 6-7

Chapter 6: Hunting and Herding Sea Life This chapter exposes the truth about fish for those who think it's a healthy thing to eat. There are a lot of misguided people who call themselves vegetarians but eat fish! And a lot of meat-eaters who think it's a good idea to eat fish several times a week 'for health'. The main ideas:1) wild fish = toxic due to pollution and being very high on the food chain (build up of toxins in body fat), 2) factory farmed fish = toxic due to doping (necessary to even keep the fish alive when crammed into such close quarters and living in a thick soup of each other's feces), 3) commercial fishing = environmental disaster. Also, fish are vertebrates and do intensely feel pain. They're alive, same as you! And same as you, they want to stay that way, pain free. And, same as you, they deserve to.

Chapter 7: The Domination of the Feminine Here we focus on the dairy and egg industry. Tuttle details the bondage, rape (insemination), and infanticide that dairy cows and egg-laying chickens are subjected to. A dairy cow, who if left to her natural state would live to be 25 years old, and would produce, with each baby cow, over a 7-month period, a bell curve of 10 pounds of milk per day to 25 pounds, then back down again to 0 pounds (yes, in the wild cows only produce milk when they have a baby--ever thought of that!)--a dairy cow in a modern dairy lives only 4 years on average, is kept artificially pregnant the entire time, and is forced to produce 90 to 110 pounds of milk per day. Her confinement, her physical torture, her misery defies belief. At the end of this wretched 4 years, she is killed and her scrawny, depleted body is used in the cheapest beef products (such as fast and highly processed foods) or for pet food. The milk she has been tortured into producing is not only filled with toxins from the pesticides from her feed and the antibiotics and hormones used to keep her alive and producing, it is not even fit for human consumption because it is not designed by nature for human consumption, and does us only ill.

The only creature in the world of the factory farm in a worse plight than the dairy cow is the wretched egg-laying battery hen. Each battery hen shares a 16-inch high by 18-inch wide wire cage with 7 other hens. They are crammed in so tight that they can barely turn around let alone stretch out a wing. Like the dairy cows, these chickens are kept artificially inseminated to produce as many eggs as possible in as short a time as possible. In nature a hen is particular about a nesting site and lays her eggs in partnership with a rooster. In the battery farm, the chicken will lay over 250 eggs per year (more than 2.5 times what she would produce in nature), which will drop from her uterus and roll away on the slanted wire cage bottoms she is forced to stand on for every hour of her miserable life, and whisked away on a conveyor belt.

Let's put it in perspective here. Are you a woman?

Imagine yourself in a small room, about the size of an elevator with a ceiling about 6 feet high, which is made of wire. You cannot stand up straight, raise your arms over your head, or stretch them out to your sides because there are 7 other women confined in this space with you. You have no shoes to protect your feet, and the wire cuts you and your toes keep slipping between the wires, causing your constant injury and pain. (If you live long enough, your toes will curl around the wires and atrophy in that position...) There is no room to sit down, nothing to make a bed with. If you try to sit or lie down, others tread on you or lie on top of you. It's a constant battle for space. You are always exhausted and you are filthy. You are covered in sores, bruises and wounds. You are likely to have cancerous growths, deformities, running sores. You may have lost an eye, finger or toes in the daily battle for space and food. You and the other women are fed wretched food in meager amounts, food that in nature you would never consider eating, you are kept pumped with hormones, you are regularly brutalized for artificial insemination, and your resulting babies are taken away from you as soon as they are born, you never even get to see them. Your milk is then taken forcibly from you by machine. In fact, you are producing so much milk, your breasts are swollen 2, 3, 4 times their normal size and are completely infected leaving you feverish and in agony. And yet you must continue to stand, fight the others for food and space, fight for air, fight for life. This is not a temporary situation. This is not something to endure for a short time. This is your entire life. This is all you have ever known. This is all you will ever know. This isn't prison, this is your home. This is your universe. This is existence as you know it. And if you fall, your keepers (these mysterious 'others' who bring you only terror and pain) will drag you out of the cage and discard you. You're too cheap to bother with. This is the domination of the feminine in factory farms.

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Morandia said...

that's depressing. If I had space, I'd have chickens and a cow of my own. Of course, I'd have to learn to like the taste of raw milk again - it's been years on that one. But I'd let my chickens run around.
I can try to buy local - where I know people aren't doing that to their chickens and cows.

yes, I could become vegan, but I'm not ready to take that step at this point.