Tuesday, 15 September 2009

World Peace Diet Ch. 8-10

Chapter 8 'The Metaphysics of Food' All matter is energy vibrating within a certain range that is perceptible to our senses. 'Matter' is not the only vibrational energy present in the universe, though. We can be standing in a dark, empty and quiet room, but when we turn on the television or radio, we are suddenly aware of music and conversation that have been in the room with us, unperceived because we lack the equipment to perceive them. In the same way, there is vibrational energy relating to food (and other things, such as crystals and flowers to name two!) that we might not be able to perceive with our five senses, but that affect our own vibrational patterns and that we have some sort of response to. This chapter is about that phenomenon, and about the metaphysical vibrations of eating animal products. It might be a challenge for some people with an aversion to New Agey type thinking.

Chapter 9 'Reductionist Science and Religion' This chapter sets forth the notion that science and religion, as we know them in the western world, have caused us to reduce our point of view so that we flatly deny any reality beyond that which can be physically quantified, or if we do, we reduce the infinite divine mystery to a judgemental, anthropomorphized authority figure, human beings to self-centred, discreet temporal entities who may be chosen to be saved or condemned based on one fleeting lifetime, and animals and nature reduced to mere disposable props in this drama. It is suggested the science and religion of eastern traditions have never created such dualism, the mind-body-spirit connection is stronger, medicine is more preventative and holistic, and the diet higher in plant-based foods.

Chapter 10 'The Dilemma of Work' This somewhat muddled chapter attempts to fuse an expose of the plight of the worker in a packing house (slaughter house) with Tuttle's own Buddhist notions about 'right livelihood'. Tuttle is a Zen Buddhist priest, and one of the precepts of Buddhism is to choose a way of making a living that causes no harm and does not break (or cause anyone else to break) the Noble 8-fold Path. The conditions of the meat packing plant are deplorable, and it is one of the lowest paid and most dangerous jobs in the Western world (done mostly by illegal immigrants). Of course it's also important to choose a career that is in line with one's beliefs. But I think this chapter could use some rethinking in its presentation.

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