Wednesday, 7 October 2009

here's what I ate yesterday

I'm writing down everything I eat in a little book. Not measuring or counting calories as of yet, just writing it all down. Yesterday was not good. I ate a lot of junk at work. Here's what the day looked like. I'm not going to divide it into meals but just make one long list:

1 slice wholemeal toast with 1/2 tsp coconut oil and some strawberry jam

shake made of 20g soy protein isolate mix and water

1 cup black decaf

sandwich made with: 2 slices wholemeal bread, Cheatin' Meats ham, fresh spinach, sliced tomato, roasted red bell pepper, mustard and burger sauce

1 oatmeal biscuit (Hob Nob) (ate this during tea break at a training session because I didn't want to open the falafels I had brought as a snack...stupid)

2 Jaffa cakes

2 Mingles

1 mini flapjack bite (this plus the Jaffas and Mingles were eaten in the staffroom after everyone else had left the room--yes, that old habit of thinking if no one sees you eat it you didn't really eat it has returned)

2 Cadbury Roses

1 chewy sweet from Portugal (Roses and chew picked up from staffroom table while doing lockup routine upstairs)

Salad made with: iceberg lettuce, shredded carrot, fresh spinach, roasted red pepper, 3 green olives stuffed with garlic (packed in olive oil), 1/2 small baked potato (cubed), 6 small falafel patties, nutritional yeast flakes

1 'veggie dunker' (like a veggie finger, made by Sainsbury's) and 2 oven chips (these were nicked from hubby's leftovers--he didn't have salad)

1 bowl of Special K with unsweetened soy milk, then when there was some soy milk left in the bowl, I went back and refilled it half way with more Special K (a favourite old trick of mine)
So, I have no idea what the calorie content of this day was, but that's not really the point. Calorie counting is not something you can keep up forever. The salad was my attempt to salvage the day after eating so many junky nibbles, although it's probably still pretty high in calories with the potatoes, and falafel and olives and all that. It's the junk food that concerns me. This is not untypical for me for the last 10 months or so. This is why I've gained weight.

Also, I had to work until 6.00 again last night. The timetable I've been on since April has me doing two 6.00 finishes each week, and I find it so hard to work out when I don't get home until 6.30 or 6.45. So last night I didn't work out. Fewer workouts, more food.

I also think I'm starting to feel my age. I am so tired on those 6.00 finish nights. And my workouts sometimes torque my knee a bit, and I feel it more in my left hip, which always made itself known to me in the past during workouts, but is now making itself known to me even more. I'm not saying pain, I'm just saying I 'feel' it. It bothers me that I never managed to get my body where I wanted it and now I'm feeling like I'm on a downward spiral, age-wise.

I forgot to weigh this morning, but I've written down my breakfast. Today is my day off--thank GOD--and I will work out today. Must keep trying.

And, Anna, you posted the 'dreaded butt-shot' on your blog...well, here's mine! Hubby took this picture of me when we visited Hardwick Hall a few weeks ago and when I saw this I was appalled. These jeans used to be loose. Now they're like leggings! If they weren't those 'stretchy' denim ones, I wouldn't even be able to get them on anymore. I was not thrilled with this photo AT ALL. (You can see by my expression I wasn't thrilled with him taking it at the time! ha ha) Click on it to get the full gruesome effect. LOL


Cooking Vegan With Soul said...

ROFLOL! If my husband could see this picture, he'd probably say he LIKES the way your jeans fit, LOL! All the same, I get you. I understand how you feel. So do what you've got to do to feel the way you want to feel about your own rear end. After all, you can't make all of your personal decisions based on what other people like, pro or con. (But hopefully, it does help to know other people aren't judging you poorly while you work on the things you want to change.)


Carla said...

Actually, Faith, MY hubby likes the way they fit! ha ha But, a few months ago, I would have had to buy the size below them to get the same effect. So that's not good!