Sunday, 18 October 2009

Lovely Sunday

We went to HMV today and bought some Hammer Horror Dracula flicks for Halloween for 3 quid each:

We watched 'Dracula has risen from the grave' (1968) today. It was completely ludicrous but strangely enjoyable, like all Hammer Horror schlock. (I read somewhere that Christopher Lee thought 'Risen from the Grave' was crap. But then, he thought that about several of his own films.) This one is a direct sequel to 'Dracula Prince of Darkness' (1966), in which Dracula is trapped under some ice right outside his castle. In 'Risen from the Grave', a priest exorcises Dracula's castle and places a big cross across the front door, so when Drac gets a little taste of some blood and revives, he can't get back in. He's truly pissed off about this, so seeks out the priest who did this so he can exact his revenge by killing him and his beloved virginal and buxom niece, Maria. Along the way, Dracky enslaves the local vicar whose church is 'in the shadow of his castle', lunches on a busty barmaid called Zena, pulls a giant stake out of his own heart because the guy who stabs him (Maria's boyfriend) is an atheist and refuses to pray while doing it, then manages to impale himself on a giant crucifix. Pretty gruesome stuff! Amazingly, while this film got banned in Finland and received an X rating in England in 1968, the Americans gave it a rating of G. We've never been much bothered by violence in the old US of A. But if there'd been any nudity or humping, hello! A little religious imagery, blood sucking and walking dead, though--eh, the kiddies can handle that.

After Dracula, we did Cathe Friedrich's Kick Punch & Crunch and now we're about to settle in and wait for episode 3 of the new season of House.

I can't believe the weekend's over already. They should be 4 days long.

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Derek said...

Great review luv, and thanks for putting those wonderful posters up on your bloggy! I'm glad I bought these DVD's today, as I've been wanting to start my Hammer "Dracula" collection for a while now, and it was good to make use of the HMV sale! I've seen most of these films before on late night TV in the past, but it's nice to own them now.

I'm looking forward to seeing the three remaining DVD's nearer to Halloween. Got to buy the original version of "House on Haunted Hill" now, and the 1922 "Nosferatu". :)

..then we make our special Halloween cake!