Wednesday, 14 October 2009

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I read something this morning that has stuck with me all day:

If you aren't hungry enough to eat an apple, you're not really hungry.

Think about the times you've been really hungry and you managed to find an apple. Maybe it was on the trail during a long hike and you found it rolling around in the bottom of your back pack. Or you'd come in from yard work and found an apple in the fridge, all cold and juicy. It was so good, it was so appealing. It was the best thing ever, and you ate it and enjoyed every bite.

Now think about the times you were just foraging out of boredom and found an apple. Yuck, an apple. You pushed it aside to make peanut butter and toast, or stand and eat honey straight out of the jar, or maybe you got lucky and found a stash of snack cakes or some cookies. You didn't eat the apple, though. Mealy old apple, it's got a bruise. No way. Don't like apples.

If the thought of an apple doesn't appeal, you're not really hungry. I like that. It's a great rule of thumb.

I started recording my food in a little tiny notebook (NOT the Streaming Colors Food Journal, which made go very OCD over fat grams and protein grams and all sorts of grams no one should be spending time measuring) on 5th October. I decided not to put any pressure on myself to eat 'well', just to write down every single thing I eat. The first five days are not pretty reading. But then, the snacking began to slow down. And for the last 2 days, I have eaten 'clean'. No snacks. Lighter meals. Drinking more water. The first 4 days, I just wrote everything down. Then I started writing the time beside each item. That helps me see at what time I'm eating. You have to really be vigilant because it's easy to eat something, think you'll write it down later, forget about it and then remember it at the end of the day when you're looking over the list. Seeing it all written out is almost like seeing it laid out on the table in front of you. Sobering.

I haven't lost any weight yet, but as I'm in the normal weight range and I've only been eating relatively well for 2 days, that's no surprise! Conventional wisdom has it that you need a calorie deficit of 3500 calories to lose one pound. As I refuse to count calories and start down the slippery slope to that OCD madness, I haven't got a clue how long this will take. I'm hoping by February, the clothes that used to be loose will be loose again, and the rolls on my belly that used to be smaller will be smaller again. That's my goal!

Here's what I ate today:

6.50--smoothie made of brown rice protein, frozen banana, water, psyllium husks, ultrafine scottish oats; black decaf; pint of water

12.00--(I seriously wasn't hungry until 12.00--amazing!) homemade celeriac soup (leftovers) and a sandwich made of 2 slices seeded wholemeal bread, sliced tomato, roasted red pepper and iceberg lettuce; 1 onde-onde mochi cake; pint water

3.30--half a cup oats soaked in soy milk with added brown rice protein powder

4.30--(pre workout) 3 small handfuls fruit and fibre cereal from the box, maybe half a bowl? Pint water drunk during and after workout

5-6.00 Slanted Riser workout, then Fat Blaster

7.30--chickpea, courgette, red bell pepper and red onion korma; brown basmati rice; 1 wholemeal pita, toasted

That's it!

Yay, this is pretty much like I used to eat when I was doing great.

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Morandia said...

interesting point. I actually went out and bought apples today.