Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I'm not a fan of Christmas, but I've already got a wish list!

Amber stud earrings. I've really got into amber lately. It's so pretty!

10kg dumbbells, for those times when I feel I could do a bit better than the 8kg which is my max weight now.

Ladies' Haulin' Hooks. These grip-assistance devices are designed to assist when lifting heavier weights, to avoid having to stop reps just because your grip is exhausted. (This happens to me a lot now that I'm lifting heavier. For example, the other day I was doing sumo squats with my barbell, and even though my legs were not entirely exhausted, I had to put the bar down because my forearms and grip couldn't hold the load any longer. This type of device is supposed to really help with that issue.)

All of which (except perhaps the amber earrings...) will help out a lot if I get my main wish, Chalene Extreme!!!! This set of DVDs contains 15 workouts broken into 3 phases:

BURN--Moderate weight training workouts using 12-rep sets to help start the fat burning process.

PUSH--Heavy weight training--beyond the comfort zone--to build strength and muscle.

LEAN--Back to moderate weights but incorporating dynamic moves to burn tons of calories and strip the fat off the new muscle you've built.

There are also cardio and abs workouts in the rotation, and I've already bought the latest 'add-on' cardio, so once I get the weight-lifting (original) set, I'll have the whole darn thing!

The entire system takes 90 days, then you enter a 30 day 'Lean for Life' phase, then you can do the whole round over again if you like.

I really, really want Chalean Extreme (fondly referred to by fans as 'CLX').

In the meantime, though, I've just ordered Original Buns of Steel on DVD. It shipped today and I cannot wait to try it out. Made in 1987, it is a total cult classic and said to be one of the best butt-burners ever! Creator Greg Smithey is a sports physiologist and supposedly invented the routine to use as part of training for pole vaulters.

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