Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Total Immersion

Sorry I 've been away for so long, I've been completely immersed in my new interest in tarot. I have set aside my Osho Zen deck for the moment in favour of the more traditional Universal Waite. I am now engaged in an Intensive Deck Study, and I have committed to studying one card per day every day until I complete the deck. So I will finish 8th March, 2010. I may be posting about a lot of it here.

As part of the study, I have committed not to buying any more decks or working with any deck but the Universal Waite. I also have committed to doing a 3-card daily draw in the morning, and a Celtic Cross in the evening.

Tarot is a wonderful thing. The cards are so beautiful. I'm glad I decided to add this to my hobbies.

On another note, I weighed 138.8 this morning and it's only 2 days until Christmas break! Yay!

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Morandia said...

great deck! then again, how could it not be...... Do post! I can't wait to read!