Thursday, 28 January 2010

Let's all play food diary for a week. Who wants to join me?

My astrological year has officially begun and my year card for 2010 is Death--the card of transformation. The Death card is an archetypal energy concerned with transition from one state to another. Something ends, something begins. It is a time to embrace change rather than fear it. This might mean a change of consciousness, entrance into a new state, giving up your sense of self to a feeling of merging with the cosmos, cutting through the superficial to understand what is at the core...or it could be as simple as a new job. Maybe for me, it's as simple as putting down the Doritos.

I'm posting my food from Thursday to Thursday here, but just so you'll get an idea of what I'm transforming from, let's have a look at a randomly chosen day from January.

18th January
6.45--2 slices seeded wholemeal toast, 1 tsp coconut oil, squirt of marmite, heaping tsp peanut butter, heaping Tbs jam, black decaf, zinc and multi-vitamin supplements

8.05--2 squares dark chocolate

8.55--1 chocolate bon bon

10.30--a small banana and a glass of water

12.00--2 veggie 'meat' balls, about a cup of wholemeal pasta with roasted mixed mediterranean veg and pasta sauce, green beans--followed by 3 Quality Street chocolates

3.30--1 Quality Street chocolate

5.00--1 bite of a chocolate cornflake thing (it was gross so I binned the rest)

5.40--1 slice of chocolate cake

7.30--1/4 lb breaded veggie pattie, steamed broccoli, oven roasted potatoes, 1 slice of chocolate cake

9.30--2 squares dark chocolate, 1 cup black decaf

Exercise: Chalean Dynamic Flow Yoga

I have written down everything I've eaten since 30th December. I'm not kidding, it has been that bad for a while now. I'm very lucky not to have gained more weight than I have. (I weighed 139.8 day before yesterday).'s time to transform. So here's what I ate today.

28th January
6.50--2 slices seeded wholemeal toast with coconut oil, marmite and jam, black decaf, water

10.30--banana and water

12.00--sweet potato topped cottage pie, water

3.30--soy yogurt with a punnet of blueberries

5.30--a heaping tsp of peanut butter and a tsp of jam, eaten off the spoon

6.45--1 cup brown basmati rice, chickpea and cauliflower jalfrezi

7.30--large bowl Special K with unsweetened homemade soy milk

Exercise: The Firm Calorie Killer

Right then, that's Day One done. Not too bad! See how telling you about it makes me do better?

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Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

That Death card is just gorgeous! I'm 2 years away from it, being an 11/Justice/Strength year for me. I'm not sure which it is yet.

Food diary? Not me-too scary. I do need to get off my lazy butt and start walking toward better health. Best wishes on your endeaver though.

:) Leigh