Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Make way for the knights

Following on from my Meet the Pages post, here are the knights. Knights carry the message of the nature of their suit into the world. They've gone from the potential they showed as little kids, to feeling the stirrings of action as teenagers.

Knight of Pentacles
So, when Wally Cleaver/Kyle (my Page of Pentacles) grows to be a teen, what character from movies, literature or TV would he become? There won't be a lot of movies or TV shows revolving around a Knight of Pentacles, because he's not a really exciting guy. He wants to work hard, keep a low profile, meet his own goals. He doesn't necessarily have the best grades or the most talent. He compares himself to other kids and wants to have what they have. He doesn't want to be unique! He wants to organise his album collection, make sure he has properly valued his Star Wars collectibles, and shine up his car. He values his home life and family and his few good friends. I think the Knight of Pentacles is Kevin Arnold from 'The Wonder Years'.

Knight of Wands
Who does Bart Simpson morph into as a teenager? He's still Mr. Popularity amongst the other kids. He wants to be top of the heap, so he'll either be captain of the football team or the class clown who decides to be the only male member of the cheerleading squad. He is likely to be involved in the school clubs and might even play the lead in the high school musical. Prom king, top junior salesman at the local Sears department store, the most important thing to him is not necessarily to be the best, but to be numero uno. He can have a tendency to think he's a hotty and is likely to put himself before all others, again not because he's mean-spirited but because he finds himself just so darn irresistible. From mainstream TV, I'm thinking Cordelia from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' Lesser known, a character called Nazim Iqbal, the PR guy for the local university in 'Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About,' one of my favourite books. (Hey, it means something to me. :) )

Knight of Cups
A moody and dreamy teen--that's who Butters, my Page of Cups, would grow into. A poet or writer of song lyrics, an artist who has taught himself to play 'Dust in the Wind' on his guitar, he can fall prey to a series of earthshatteringly significant crushes. Not the least of which might be on himself and his own deepness. Nobody understands him, no one has ever felt the way he feels, nor felt as deeply and agonisingly as he feels, and so he retreats into his room to grow his hair long enough to flop down over his soulful eyes, or he strikes out from home at a young age in search of meaning and of himself and of 'love'. The true Emo, he better be careful or he could fall into a black depression and then all sorts of bad stuff could happen. This is Ricky, the kid who liked to film floaty carrier bags in 'American Beauty'.

Knight of Swords
Lisa Simpson was our Page of Swords. As a teen, she would continue her quest to be the righter of wrongs and the knower of more than you. The Knight of Swords would be the kid who loves to try to trip up the teacher in class discussions, gets a charge out of playing devil's advocate and considers himself victorious if he can get you to lose your temper in a debate. This just has to be Alex P Keaton from 'Family Ties'. (What would we do, baby, without us? Sha la la la)


Kafka's Ghost said...

Post pics. *sh, I won't tell* ;0)

Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

These comparisons are great!

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