Sunday, 10 January 2010

Meet the Pages

[most of the content of this post has been inspired by 'Meaning of the Pages' at Aeclectic Tarot]

I've been trying to get my head around the court cards. I decided the best way to do it would be to relate the qualities of each card to a character from a TV show or literature or a movie or something.

First things first. You have to digest the spirit of each suit, and how each member of court characterises the quality of that suit. So here's some information drawn from a wide range of sources I've read online and in books, which has all amalgamated in my head and come out like this...

Pentacles are about security and physical/material realm--earth

Wands are about action and achievement, creativity, moving forward, being a 'go-getter' -- fire

Cups are about emotion, the world of feeling, relationships, how we relate to the external world --water

Swords are about mental strengths and how we use (and misuse) them --air


The KING of each suit is like its sun, the source of its life--fire

The QUEEN of each suit embodies the spirit of the suit in the real world, like rain watering the earth -- water

The KNIGHT of each suit moves its spirit around, like the wind blowing seeds --air

The PAGE of each suit is the actual soil where the spirit of suit takes hold and begins to grow; he's like a little Fool--earth

The Page of Pentacles -- Wally Cleaver 'Leave it to Beaver' & Kyle 'South Park'
The Page of Pentacles is a youngster who is in touch with the practical matters of life and is close to the earth. His version of play is to build things from dirt, like making fortresses for his cars and trucks. He will build a treehouse. Even his games are work, in that way. He enjoys earning his own money, will do extra chores, take a paper route, work in a soda shop (in Wally's case), shovel snow from the neighbours' pavement (in Kyle's case), and likes knowing how much money he's got. He can be seen as overly serious because he lacks imagination and is more interested in practical matters. He is very earnest and values his family and security and has a strong sense of right and wrong.

The Page of Cups--Butters 'South Park'
The Page of Cups is a sensitive little kid who gets caught up in his own daydreams and doesn't pay as much attention to the real world as he should. He loves listening to stories and telling stories and he has a vivid imagination. He likes to play make-believe. He enjoys reading and being read to, because it lets him live out the stories in his head. He is extremely loving, loveable, kind and sweet, very tender-hearted. As Thirteen on Aeclectic Tarot describes, he is the kind of kid who will bring you a flower, try to rescue wounded birds, and who takes very seriously the death of a goldfish. He can get very caught up in his emotions, going from the quiveringest, quakingest fear to the most hilarious of hilarity, from the depths of despair to the heights of bliss, over things that other people might not think are quite that earth-shattering.

The Page of Wands--Bart Simpson 'The Simpsons'
A popular kid and a leader, the Page of Wands never stands still. He runs around everywhere, climbs on everything, never slows down. He's a thrill-seeker, always up a tree or plotting mischief. He is always late to dinner, always wandering beyond his boundaries, a natural born explorer. He's the type of kid who will slip away from you in the supermarket to run karooming into the frozen foods. He loves being the centre of attention, and if you're not careful he can be a bully to other children, not because he's mean spirited, but because he's just so forceful and dominant.

The Page of Swords--Lisa Simpson 'The Simpsons'
This kid loves to talk, talk, talk. She questions everything. She loves facts and is full of arcane knowledge. She thinks she knows more than you and she usually does. She is extremely brainy, loves challenges of logic and takes pride in her smarts. She can be too forthright and honest and in what she says and how she confronts what she sees as flawed logic or injustice. These qualities can turn her into a tattletale or a know-it-all if she doesn't watch out. She loves to argue, or as she would see it, enter into debate!


Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

What a fun way to associate the pages meanings! I confess to never having watched South Park, but i can certainly see the characteristics in the pages this way!

Love it!

Kafka's Ghost said...

Heehee...I love the South Park and Simpsons comparisons. And I like how they're not actually real "people" but their personalities ARE so real. :0)

Have you read Janet Boyer's "The Back In Time Tarot" book? You're basically doing it by relating your courts to TV characters. If you're doing this instinctively, faaahbulous!