Saturday, 9 January 2010

My Christmas money has all been spent.

Today the beautiful Buddha Tarot arrived from America. I managed to buy this deck for £4.72 on Amazon! I took it out of the box and shuffled it, did a quick 3-card draw and found the reading almost intuitive. I don't think it will take long for me to get into this deck. The major arcana are based on the young Siddhartha Gautama from birth to becoming the Buddha, giving his first sermon at Deer Park, then his death at age 80. The pip cards are true pip cards,with only a token symbol or depiction of what the card means. The suits are vajras (swords), double vajras (cups), lotuses (wands), jewels (pentacles). It is based very closely on RWS, so is a pretty quick study.

I decided that I wanted a digital RWS clone, and settled on Ciro's Legacy of the Divine Tarot. This one is so gorgeous, and I got word earlier this week that it has shipped. Maybe it will be in on Monday--gives me a reason to go to work, to collect my parcels!

I am most excited of this last acquisition. It's a self-published tarot by an Austrian artist called Anna Kleffinger. I am very, very happy that I managed to get a deck, because she only had 500 printed and they are now sold out! I love this deck because all the cards are very earthy and, to me, they are instantly readable. I think the characters look like hobbits.

This is the card that won me to the Anna K tarot. I interpret the 8 of swords to represent that the woman tied up and surrounded by swords is a victim of her own perception of her situation. That in reality, she is free. I had no basis for that, really, other than my gut feeling. Lo and behold Anna depicts it perfectly:

Also, the Lovers card. Most decks depict the lovers as nude young people, surrounded by arcane symbolism and references to the Biblical Adam and Eve. Not Anna:

The Lovers are an older couple. They made the commitment to be together, and they have been. They are life companions, trust one another implicitly, have enjoyed each day together and will stay together. Anna K says this card represents the 'unconditional yes'--yes to life, yes to love, yes to taking responsibility, yes to your chosen path. That's just so fantastic. So I ordered the deck. She sold out within the next 24 hours! Serendipity.


Kafka's Ghost said...

New deck excitement!

I've been trying to sell my Buddha. Perhaps by following your path vicariously, it will convince me to keep it and eventually work with it. I look forward to reading more about it...

Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

Christmas money(or in my case, bonus) well spent!

See you on AT!

:) Leigh

Tess said...

Those are some beautiful cards. I use to collect cards but then stopped. I'm thinking of getting all my cards together and maybe filing them. I can't think of where to put them!

I'm back on my Gillian McKeith style diet. I read a review about peppermint capsules which I hope will solve my problems. Can't stand peppermint tea!

I've got to the point where I'm on 8 vitamins. I'm hoping they won't all clash...
Vegan multi-vit
Enzyme Digest
Co-enzyme Q-10
Evening Primrose oil
Everyday energy
Prebio 7
Apple Cider
o_O lol

Lucy said...

I'm doing my PDR with my newly acquired Anna K was love @ first sight, I love it so much!

Sharyn said...

Great blog, congrats on maintaining your weight loss!
Do you know about SparkTarot? Another fun way to get cards into the everyday. Sharyn/AJ

Twoflower said...

Nice :-) I think the Buddha and Anna K look very interesting. I probably shouldn't even be considering it given the learning material I already have to work with, but maybe I should try and track down a Buddha bargain too... ;-)