Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Rainbow of Prosperity Spread

This spread comes from Aeclectic Tarot forum.

-------------------3---- 4---- 5------------------------




1. What I want
2. What I need
3. What I already have
4. What I need to give up
5. What step to take next
6. What resources are out there?
7. Who can/will help me?
8. End result/pot of gold at end of rainbow

1. 7 of Coins--I want to watch a full harvest coming to fruition. True! I want to make investments that I can watch grow as I move toward retirement.

2. Queen of Coins--I need to develop my ability to visualise (and thereby manifest) abundance. This is true. I tend to spend a lot of time visualising lack--worrying about having to choose betweeen rent and food. Worrying about who will take care of us when we're old, as we have no children or family nearby and are quite insular. I can visualise all sorts of disaster and loss. But I hardly ever allow myself to visualise abundance.

3. Queen of Swords--I already have a tendency to research and gather lots of information. I use my logical mind quite a bit. I love to write things down, put them in order, color-code them, cross-reference those skills are in place.

4. The Tower--I really need to give up the notion that making decisions about a retirement plan is going to be the difference between a rosy future and certain disaster. I need to let go of the notion that making an investment will prevent bad things from happening. Or that there is any investment that is going to be 100% safe.

5. 2 Swords--No easy solution exists to what step to take next, and all possibilities seem like compromises. A new approach may be called for. (Direct quote from the book that accompanies the Legacy of the Divine Tarot book). This is definitely true. Everything I read about savings & investment shows that no matter which way you go, you may feel like you're being shortchanged or taking too big a chance. This is what has caused me to be frozen on the whole issue for so long. A new approach may be called for. But what?

6. Page of Cups--The question asks about outside resources, but the Page of Cups points to the inner. It is earth of water. The fertile soil of emotion. This seems very touchy-feely for an outside resource about finances. Ciro's book suggests that his Page of Cups has some street smarts, a bit of the Artful Dodger about him. Kafka's Ghost suggests that this is 'more creative and less risk-averse' ways to save and invest. Yikes! Doesn't Tarot know how risk-averse I am! :)

7. 7 Wands--Who will help me? Apparently no one. The 7 of Wands is all about standing up for myself. I guess this card is telling me that I can't expect any financial adviser (or anyone else for that matter) to be able to give me the magic formula for a comfortable retirement. I have to look out for myself. Also, Kafka's Ghost suggests that this means once I have made an investment plan, I should 'stay the course' regardless of market activity. Yep, okay.

8. 2 Wands--My 'pot of gold at the end of the rainbow' is that I get a big decision to make. 'A window of opportunity is presented,' says Ciro's book, 'but in order to take that opportunity it will take leadership, vision, and decision making. Start making plans and setting them in motion. Keep your intentions clear.' Harrumph. I was really hoping for 9 or 10 of Cups here, but the cards suggest what I need is fortitude. Right then.

Mercury is out of retrograde now. I guess it's time to start making some decisions.


Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

Great reading, the only thing I'd suggest is giving Mercury a week or so to get back up to speed before diving into major decisions.

:) Leigh

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