Saturday, 20 February 2010

136.6 this morning!

I may be naturally pulling out of my year long bake-cakes-and-eat-everything-in-sight phase. For some reason, the thought of a cake is giving me a nauseated feeling, and I'm not going back for seconds at meals. And my weight has dropped 3.5lbs this month.

I've been doing a rotation of Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred, mostly, with some of Chalene's Fat Blaster (that clip is a great one someone taped of herself doing the workout--so that's how I must look doing it! LOL) and new Cathe step ('Step Moves') thrown in. (Cathe seems to have managed to get more makeup than I even OWN stuck to her face for this one! :) It's a great workout--moderate intensity, complex choreography. Very fun!) So some of the weight loss could be muscle loss--I haven't done any heavy lifting or even any high endurance low resistance work this month. BUT I wore my skinniest jeans to work yesterday and they seemed to fit fine. So that has to be a good sign.


Sharyn said...

Good job! Are you a member of Jeannette's (Tarot Garden) SparkTarot group?

Nice blog, thank you for sharing your thoughts~

Carla said...

Hi Sharyn, thanks! No, I don't know anything about the SparkTarot group. I do visit Aeclectic Tarot every day, though!

Sharyn said...

Hi Carla, thanks for dropping in on my tarot blog. SparkPeople is a weight loss/health forum with team support for every hobby and interest known :) The Tarot one SparkTarot is nice.

How I got into tarot was, each year I choose something new to learn. One year it was blogging, this year it's runes, one year it was yoga. The year it was tarot I was just looking at free classes at Borders Books on-line site and saw tarot listed. A light bulb went off and the rest is history. I LOVE tarot and oracles! I don't though, believe in 'predictive' tarot, but I love how the cards speak to me with something new each day.

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