Saturday, 20 February 2010

9 card spread

So a subordinate of mine phoned me today from another branch to tell me 'someone' called. She gave me a vague description of what the lady called about, said the lady didn't leave her name or her phone number, nor did this member of staff ask the lady what specifically she was requesting, because the lady 'seemed sure someone knows all about it.' Apparently she thought she'd pass it on to me and I'd sort it out. I told her off for not taking a message properly and throwing this in my lap to sort out. If you can even sort out a message that has 1) no name 2) no number and 3) no message! I said to her rather coldly, 'So you didn't ask her name? You didn't ask for a phone number? It would have been VERY USEFUL to have that information.' Which I think showed considerable restraint. Maybe too much restraint. All I know is, some customer is going to come back to me eventually very angry that she hasn't heard anything from us, and there's nothing I can do until she calls, mad.

I was livid when I got home and threw 9 cards from my Anna K, no reversals. (Quotations from Anna K LWB).

What lesson can I learn from this? 6 cups, 3 wands, ace cups

6 cups--The lesson is that some members of staff (me included, most likely) are allowing 'the influence of the past to colour their judgement and decisions'. There is a long history in my work place of poor communication, a fuzzy and little understood heirarchy, lack of strong leadership, and letting poor performance slide. I'm sorry to sound critical, but it really is true. Those of us a more supervisory role are working with management to tighten things up, but we're in for a long haul changing this culture. Really, it says so much about us in general that I feel so conflicted about what most supervisors would rake you over the coals for without a second thought.

3 wands--This is a time, though, when it's vital that we invest our energy in forming a realistic vision of the future. We have to figure out 'how to coordinate to achieve our plans'.

Ace cups--The current climate at work is a new situation that is definitely emotionally charged. Our work place has been undergoing a massive transformation for the last two years or so, and more major change is on the horizon. This is upsetting for people. But it's also a chance to create real vitality and enthusiasm. If handled well.

How can I handle similar situations in the future? page swords, knight cups, 2 pents

Page swords--I must 'be prepared for conflicts, for clarifying discussions and for criticism', but I 'must not be overly fierce'. The Anna K LWB is so perfect, I think, saying, I must 'not be preparing for a fight, but for a conflict for which I need objective, realistic points, not the taunts of a diatribe'. That rings so true and perfect for this sort of situation--how to deal with my anger when someone is so blatantly incompetent. The page of swords seems to me to speak to discipline and reasonable assertiveness. I was not overly fierce with the member of staff, but I certainly launched into a diatribe when I hung up the phone!

Knight cups--I must use my emotions--my sympathy--in an appropriate way. I believe people have been let slide for too long, but as Anna K LWB says, 'It is a time to approach an enemy peacefully...and be careful not to fall into naivety, credulity or inappropriate helpfulness.' I don't know if enemy is the right word, but you certainly feel like there's a possibility of making an enemy if you correct someone where I work, and I know a lot of griping and criticism goes on about supervisors and managers amongst staff.

2 Pentacles--The key to success seems obviously to be to strike a balance between the assertiveness of swords energy and the compassion/sentimentality of cups energy.

How can I assert my authority effectively at work? Queen wands, Death, Ace swords

Queen wands--I need to be self-confident and full of energy but not 'self-dramatising or overestimating my own capabilities.'

Death--The best way to assert myself is to attempt to die to my old ways of thinking and dealing with members of staff.

Ace swords--I must look at things with a clear head and clear mind. 'It is the time to make clear the things which had been unclear or incomprehensible'--which is the best way to describe the convoluted and backward way we have supervised and managed people so far.

I was amazed at how accurate this reading rang for me when I threw the cards and looked them over intuitively, so I checked the LWB for deeper levels of meaning, and was really surprised at how sentence after sentence fit the situation so perfectly.

You tarot folk, what further or different insights do you have?

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Kafka's Ghost said...

An exemplary instance of tarot at work in shedding light on everyday life. I imagined you angrily *throwing* cards down on the table, furiously and with deliberation divining their meaning. :)
You will similarly enjoy reading with your new Morgan-Greer!