Friday, 2 April 2010

I'll be bouncing soon!

I thought I'd post about my latest acquisitions because I'm all materialistic like that. :)

A few weeks ago, I read about this workout that focuses on the lower body. People at Video Fitness were giving it rave reviews, so I ordered a copy of Tonique, featuring this reedy little Polish gal called Sylwia Weisenberg. It is a brutal workout of three segments: Squats, Lunges and Mat, with added segment of Drills and Cool Down. What's so brutal about it, you ask? Sylwia does all move in sets of 30 reps, with absolutely no rest breaks in between. You watch the clip and think, man, that looks like a good workout. But I guarantee you if you try it, you will be sweating, breathing hard and wondering if this woman is a robot. Look at the Squats segment, for example (all moves done holding 2 lb dumbbells):

30 basic squats
30 basic squats with a shoulder raise
30 squats with a front kick
30 squats with side leg abduction
30 plyo squats
30 squats into a side kick
30 double side kicks (no squats)
30 squat jumps (as for basketball)
30 one-legged squats
30 butterfly squats (a one-legged squat where you lift your opposite leg out behind you while doing lateral raises with the arms) right leg
30 more butterfly squats left leg

Then comes the Lunges segment:

30 R, 30 L basic back lunges
30 R, 30 L back lunges with a front kick
15 R, 15 L curtsy lunge/back lunge combo
30 R, 30 L curtsy lunge with side abduction
15 cross front lunges, alternating sides
15 R, 15 L back lunge/basic squat combo
15 Brazilian lunges, alternating sides
15 skaters with a hop
15 R, 15 L lunges with knee up and over head raise
30 side lunges, alternating sides
30 side lunges with knee up overhead raise, alternating sides

Mat work:

30 bent leg raises followed by 30 pulsing bent raises on same leg, per side
30 straight leg crossover raises per side
30 side raises per side
Then a series of hip lifts where I lose count: regular lifts, one-legged lifts, pulsing one-legged lifts, clam-shell lifts, pulsing clam-shell lifts
Then some killer ab work

It's truly brutal!

I fancied a couple new step workouts recently so I ordered 'Ready Step Go' with Kelly Coffey-Meyer, my first of this instructor's workouts. It's curiously old school because there is a lot of tapping going on, only this woman must have had 50 espressos before she shot this workout because she never taps, she HOPS. I myself do not hop. I remember reading (I think it was Cathe) that hopping like that is actually bad stepping form, hard on the shins, etc. If you watch the clip, notice that the background exerciser on the far right (the tall one) doesn't hop on the floor. All the rest of them do. Well, I follow her. :) The workout is okay, very high impact, and there's a vertical step segment that will take me some getting used to because I don't have quite enough room and have to modify it a bit, but overall, it's okay. :)

I ordered Cardio Fusion on the same day I ordered Ready, Step Go. This is Cathe, my favourite step instructor. This DVD is a compilation of segments from three of her other workouts, two of which I don't own, so it was new footage for me. I enjoy this and will do a lot, I'm sure. It's very high impact, though. If you watch the clip, you will see how fun the workout is. But it's no place to start with Cathe. If you want to start out with Cathe, get Basic Step and Body Fusion and work up. :)

Speaking of high impact, I can't remember why I got it in my head a week or two ago that I want a rebounder, but I shopped it and shopped it and finally decided to order a Heyman's Trimilin Pro Plus. Just ordered it day before yesterday, so it should be here next week! Yay! Do have a look at the link. The website is quite messy and could use an overhaul, but it's got a lot of information and the lady who runs it (Michele) is very nice.

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Anna Down Under said...

That Tonique one looks really hard! Well ... for me, LOL, you're fit, I'm sure you can handle it. Glad to see you posting again, I've been wondering what you're up to. Happy Easter!